Laodicea "Daring Dicey" Langston

Patriot * Revolutionary War Heroine * Mother

The Courage of Dicey Langston

Her name was Dicey - just sixteen years
She was very brave - seem to have no fears
She stood up for freedom through her father's tears
In Laurens District, South Carolina

So many Tories and Loyalists around
Harassing the people - terrorizing the town
Someone had to stand up and not let them down
In Laurens District South Carolina (CHORUS:)

Many stories of Dicey's been told
Of the lass so brave and so bold
Not a Tory or Loyalist could hold
A candle to Dicey Langston

So one day she overheard a plot that was cruel
With so many relatives it was easy to fool
They didn't know Dicey didn't go by their rules
In Laurens District, South Carolina

So she crossed The Enoree - an American Spy
To report to the Whigs anything that came by
By accident heard of a plot coming nigh
In Laurens District South Carolina (CHORUS:)

Bloody Bill Cunningham and his Scouts would soon ride
To kill off some Patriots in a town close by
She must warn her brother and others to hide
Away from Little Eden South Carolina

Dicey left in the night crossing marshes and streams
Twenty miles and a river swollen by recent rains
She made it to tell her dear brother James
In Little Eden, South Carolina (CHORUS:)

So she saved the Patriots lives on that day
She continued to spy Dicey would have her way
Even saved her father from the Tories they say
Near Traveler's Rest, South Carolina

©Bernie Griff 2001*Redding, CA (5/24/01)

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